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rome notchRome is packing a lot of technology and options into the 2010 Notch. The board has S camber, similar to the Fish, to give you traditional camber benefits when carving with the added bonus of lifting up the nose when you flex into a turn. They’ve beveled the edges 1 degree to keep them from snagging, added ultralight bamboo to reduce weight and the board’s environmental impact. What else?

  • Impact plates of titanal aluminum under the bindings to soften big landings while strengthening the board where it needs it most
  • Carbon fibers laminated in at 30 degree angles to give a blend of looseness and power transfer
  • “Centerline Stringer” technology where carbon and other materials and lined down the center of the board from the bindings to the tip and tail to increase olleys and pop

I could go on, but I wont.

Our thougths: This board has a lot packed into it. With all of this technology, it’s clear that Rome has put a lot of work into it. What’s less clear is what this board is supposed to do. Rome says this board is great for powder, freeride, and corduroy. Either they’ve built the perfect no sacrifice all-around board or they’ve made a board that tries too many things and but doesn’t succeed and any one. The jury is still out.

Camber: The 2010 Rome Notch has S-camber, with rocker from the front binding to the tip and traditional negative camber between the bindings.

Shape: The board has a directional taper shape, and is available with a swallow tail in certain sizes.

Sizes and options: You can get your Rome notch in a 155, 158, 162, 168, 164 swallow, and 172 swallow.

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  1. 1 mike said at 7:15 pm on February 11th, 2011:

    Just purchased 2010 rome notch 158 w/s-rocker.(new )

    Received the board today slapped bindings on it & went riding.

    (Syracuse NY area) hardpack conditions w/ pow stashes here & there along the edges mostly 8″ light dry pow from storms earlier in the week & 1-2 feet deep of weeks old untracked pow in some of the stashes on trails with light traffic.

    Board does all that it promises.

    Easy edge to edge , surfy in the pow (but solid when you want it) w/great float.

    Excellent on the hardpack as well incredible bite was able to carve aggressively on the hardpack w/ no are very little slip w/ great pop on the turns. (solid could really feel the G’S on the turns)

    quiet edges and the speed of this base is incredible.

    This board lives up to its billing & then some.

    haven’t had a chance to try it in fresh 1-2 foot or bottomless pow yet , but pretty confident it will handle it w/ease.

    I thought my old board rode nicely but compared to this board it feels like an old wood plank strapped to my feet.

    I have only been riding for a year (decent carver & pow rider ,black diamond runs mostly) so have not ridden many boards to compare.(2 to be exact)

    But if you are into free riding & pow I don’t see how you can get any better than this.

    This made board makes even hardpack from to ride.

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