Video: Your Venture Starts Here Part III: Silverton, Colorado

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In my review of the Venture Euphoria, I mentioned my belief that Silverton Mountain is the Galapagos Islands of the snowboard world. The third video in Venture’s series provides further evidence supporting this theory. Check it out…

Powder Stash: Vail – Friendly Tree (and powder) Runs

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Some quick and easy tree runs near Midvail

Some quick and easy tree runs near Midvail

One of the things I love most about a mountain the size of Vail is I can almost always find somewhere with powder even if the rest of the mountain is tracked out.  Vail in particular seems to have two or three distinct snow zones which typically vary greatly in snow quantity.

So, when in doubt, keep looking… keep dropping into new areas.

One problem:  As we all know, not all clusters of trees are created equal.  Growing up in Colorado, my friends and I affectionately referred to some areas as deadly trees.  These trees were too close together, had too many fallen logs, rocks and other obstacles to enjoy riding.  So, I’m letting you know of a few places I’ve had good luck with in the past.

This first patch is just to the left of Midvail.  It doesn’t look like much on the map but has the advantage of being close to runs should you decide to bail on the power.  When you drop off the Mountaintop Express head down Springsville.  You can either drop in at Whistle Pig or Cappuccino and immediately cut into the trees to your right.  Inside you’ll find nice powder and friendly trees for a nice “run between runs.”

If you head down further and drop in near the top of Riva Ridge you’ll find a very long tree run crisscrossed with cat tracks allowing you to drop out at regular intervals.  If you’re hard core you can ride these trees all the way to Golden Peak.

Have fun, be safe and send us a note with your favorite powder spots and we’ll add them to the site!