Review: 2012 Lib-Tech Birdman

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Lib-Tech does it again. The company that kick-started the rocker revolution and brought magnetraction to the world has a fresh take on the powder board. The Birdman takes a normal board and wraps it with a massive powder nose. The goal is to create a board with unmatched float that still holds an edge traversing across nasty stuff on the way to the goods.

A quick glance at the specs of the Birdman give a hint that something’s going on. The massive 170 has the same contact length and sidecut radius as the Attack Banana 156. It seems that Lib has taken an attack banana-lik design and mounted a massive nose on the board. The nose gives you float when you’re in powder, and the attack banana design gives you control when you’re not.

Our thoughts: Can’t wait to give one a try. One of the big complaints we have with highly tapered pow boards is that they don’t track well on edges. You don’t want to traverse an ice-field above a big cliff on a tapered board. The Birdman solves this problem by keeping the edging of a normal board. And we can only imagine what it’s like to open up in a big powder field on a 170 or 180.

Camber: The Birdman has Lib’s BTX, which is their reverse-camber “banana” design plus magnetraction.

Shape: With a nose like that, it’s clearly directional.

Sizes and Options: You’ve got two choices – massive and gigantic. The Birdman comes in 170 and 180 lengths, both are wide with 26 and 26.5 waste widths.